Besides that my cousins had/have a pretty similar insult

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I brought my gf over to see my sister along with Animal Crossing New Horizons Items her following a year of dating. She did not speak 1 word to her then, and has maybe said a couple of words in her general direction as. Lil sis broke out her magical kit and legos to break the tension, bless her

So they're trendy with Penn and Teller the magicians because they're big on the'magical is trendiest because of how it works' thing, but fucking despise Penn and Teller the actual people because they are big on the'Treat people like equals and fuck religious fundamentalism' thing, interesting.

All the religious homophobic individuals always tell us to have to hell, when they do at the music video they freak out and say we're spreading our gay schedule in them like they haven't been trying to send us into conversion therapy for years.

I think lil nas recreated the"call me with your title" music video on animal crossing. Somehow they have taken that to mean that all the Fantastic Christian kids playing the game are automatically given satan suits and stripper poles I guess

They didn't believe it was so funny. My mother still references my"future husband" when I am 2years in with my gf, so she defaults to denial Instead of admit her"sheltering" doesn't work

Sheesh, no "worldly friends?" Reminds me of the guy in middle school who couldn't shoot my sister (his gf) to the school dance trigger his faith (Christian something) didn't let"ancestral clinics" or any bs. Like you can date but not dancing to the cha cha slide?

Besides that my cousins had/have a pretty similar insult to you personally it seems. Homeschooled, super spiritual, barely any friends. The one who's over 18 tried to visit an ultra conservative college and ended up leaving because of stress problems. Just like yeah, when your kids have no choice in their lives you think they'll be fine after out of your care?

They visit often but there is like nothing to do. If their mother catches me playing the change with my littlest cousin (he is 15 I think, his turn ) she will say He's used it enough today and we're back to square one

They had some REALLY backward fucked up things going on and eventually dissolved into 20+ additional niche groups that are still around Cheap Animal Crossing Items today.