New Sale CV5276-001 Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Red Blue White

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New Sale CV5276-001 Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Red Blue White

New Jordan First release of new product, exclusive source, upgrade of original last file data,Air Jordan 1 Mid Black Red Blue White development of homologous and consistent repair, transfer film, first layer leather material, in-bottom plastic injection hole, built-in real Sole air cushion Jordan/Air Jordan 1 Mid color stitching, drawing design from the first year model released in 1985 The inspiration adopts a simple and elegant classic appearance, familiar with a touch of novelty, and the classic design is timeless, specially crafted for casual daily activities.

Nike waffle raw rubber running sneakers second-generation New Nike Air Force 1 Nike official WAFFLE RACER2X sneakers casual retro Nike waffle shoes, Nike Waffle Racer 2X creates classic sneakers, carefully portrays the classic running shoes elements of the 70s, and reshapes the vibrant street shoes. Enlarge the details and fashion to interpret the traditional Moccasin style upper and waffle sole. The large bulge is covered to the side of the shoe and the zigzag stitching is exposed. The vibrant Swoosh design adds an urban beauty. The inner material creates a soft texture and breathable shoe The face is matched with eye-catching contrasting colors and soft suede fur decoration to create a traditional classic.

2021 Yeezy Boost,Nike Killshot 2 J.CrewOG is inspired by tennis shoes. Killshot 2 uses a variety of textured leather to create a fresh look. From soft suede to glossy smooth leather, it has a modern court style. Inspired by running shoes in the 1980s, using spandex knitted surface mesh and thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer (TPU) uppers, the original shoes are thicker than the original TPU high-frequency, and the three-dimensional effect is similar to the original shoes. The overall effect is better. It is different from the counterparts on the market.Latest Jordan 2020 Help you show yourself, Boost midsole, designed to bring a comfortable sense of movement.