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Can you please inform us in the comment section below about any security issues, bugs or problem in our iSound platform and our android application:


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1) Earn KiwiCoins and convert it to $ by doing activities in iSound 💵💵💵

2) Earn up to $0.7 for each user you refer to us and will subscribe to any of our pro packages 💵💵💵

3) KiwiCoin value depends on iSound.co.nz value and number of users, it is like having a market share in iSound 💵💵💵

Visit Kiwicoins page in Setting for more information
Affiliates Page or Earning Page in Android and IOS App

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iSound: Money Making Social Media 💵💶💴💷

iSound: Money Making Social Media - iSound is a New Zealand social network to make money by being active and to keep up with friends, family, and other people - Share your sound and be yourself


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