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1) Earn KiwiCoins and convert it to $ by doing activities in iSound 馃挼馃挼馃挼

2) Earn up to $0.7 for each user you refer to us and will subscribe to any of our pro packages 馃挼馃挼馃挼

3) KiwiCoin value depends on value and number of users, it is like having a market share in iSound 馃挼馃挼馃挼

Visit Kiwicoins page in Setting for more information
Affiliates Page or Earning Page in Android and IOS App


iSound: Money Making Social Media 馃挼馃挾馃挻馃挿

iSound: Money Making Social Media - iSound is a New Zealand social network to make money by being active and to keep up with friends, family, and other people - Share your sound and be yourself


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