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Sunday, 23rd May 2021

*Today, 23rd May 2021,* I Confess and Declare that the Word of God is in my heart and in my mouth and I meditate upon it day and night and thereby make my way prosperous.

*Look At Me!* God’s Word saturates my entire mind, spirit, and body, leaving no room for negative thoughts to steal in. It is my defence, my foundation and the strength of my life.

*Confidently I Declare Today* that as I stay on the Word, God’s grace and peace are multiplied in my life. Excellence, glory, virtue, and success come outfrom me today because of God’s grace that’s at work in me.

*Hear This!* Everywhere I go today, I am accepted and highly favoured, for I carry God’s divine presence with me.

*I Declare And Proclaim* that I am growing in grace and in the knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ and am taking advantage of the faith that has been imparted to my spirit to ward off the fiery missiles of the adversary.

*Today I Declare* that the power of God is released to cause my desired changes as I put my faith to work, for I am fully persuaded that greater is He that is in me than he that is in the world *in the Matchless Name of the Lord Jesus Christ!*
Blessed be God!
Hallelujahhhhh !

_And I Pray For You Today:_
*Today, I declare a turnaround in things that have been difficult for you; in your business, in your job, in your finances, in your marriage, in your academics, or in your household. I speak by the authority in the Name of Jesus Christ that the solution has come for you and you surely will have a miracle and a testimony in that area of your life by the power of the Spirit of God in Jesus Mighty Name.*
Amen 🙏🏼

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*This Year 2021, Organise & Chart Your Life With Your Own Mouth & Words!*

The crux of the matter is that the mindset of an African man seems to blind him as his sense of reasoning is be clouded by superiority over the female gender
The African man abuses “ the HEAD “ status in infidelity and domestic violence

When the moral values has been almost lost within the marriage system , it seems to be normal within the society when immoral behavior is been exhibited . Infidelity is being justified right because of the lost morals .

Call a spade a spade !
Call an abomination by its name so that abomination will go !
He who wants equity should come with a clean hand

It’s against humanity to meddle with the emotions of another soul

What you do not want to be done to you , do not do to another .

Don’t be a pig and expect to be treated like a tiger

There’s always peace in a home where the man respects the woman and her feelings.
It’s never a sin to guard what belongs to you

If you can divulge these filths , the morals of your children is in the hands of God

Why do you threaten the peace of your home with a stranger , side chick ?

I want to see the becoming of an African husband that respects her wife and her feelings without any gender discrepancy but with a mutual understanding

Let the orientation of an African man began to embrace a cultured attitude and behavior

I want every man to learn this secret :
The way you treat your wife , you shall receive
When you treat her like a dog , your home becomes violent
But when you treat her like a dove , she gives you peace at home and in mind

It’s called garbage IN , garbage OUT

It’s a disrespect to the women folk

A side chick can never be measured to a wife.Upgrading her is a path to your untimely death

There’s no fulfilled life like when you are with that woman who’s your strength and back bone


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